Sunday, July 12, 2009

Terravita Three Nuts Dark Chocolate

I know I said that the taste of Polish chocolatier Terravita's other bars would not intrigue me enough to try some of their other offerings, well, I'm going back on my word with this particular bar. It is unusual because it has three nuts: cashews, hazelnuts and pistachios (the latter two which I am most fond of). This is likely just a dark chocolate in terms of its cacao content (at 45%); sugar is its first ingredient, followed by cocoa mass, cashew (6%), hazelnuts (5%), vegetable fat (instead of cocoa butter), pistachios (1%), soya lecithin (as an emulsifier) and flavour.

How does it taste? Well, really I tasted the sweet dark chocolate more than the nuts, and more than the individual nuts (though, I would say that the flavour of the hazelnuts was more predominant). I don't like that this uses vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter, I think it reflects on the taste. This bar has, though, not intrigued me enough to try their more sugar-oriented filled chocolate bars.

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