Saturday, July 04, 2009

Lindt Oster-Freuden

This special edition box from Lindt comes out for Easter, and contains several mini filled eggs. We bought this at the Lindt Outlet store in Mississauga, though it looks to be for the German market, it is all in German. Oster Freuden means Easter Joys. There are four different kinds of mini eggs within the green and yellow Spring box, two of each kind: Nougat; Alpen Milk (Alp's Milk); Praline; and Trüffel a la Vanille (Vanilla Truffel). These are milk chocolate eggs, with various fillings; two of them likely contain hazelnuts (Nougat and Praline).

The Praline was the best tasting of the four, with some hazelnut flavour; the Nougat was the second best; the Alpen Milch was just milk chocolate, a solid egg, while the Vanilla Truffle was milk chocolate filled with a yellow creme tasting a little like vanilla. I don't know that I would ever buy this again, though the box was kind of nice.

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