Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Le Palais des Thés - Thé Des Moines

Certainly I was allured by the scent coming from this large cardboard box from Le Palais des Thés at Winners, a spicy, floral heady aroma. Looking at the literature attached, it talks about the romantic notion of a Tibetan mystery, a community of monks who soak a combination of tea and flowers in utmost secrecy for several days, then plucked out and dried.

This fragrant tea was then sealed in sand, brown or black little clay pots (the tea comes in an authentic version), which preserves its flavour and scent,

and tied with the string that a monk would use to tie their habit (again, which this tea does).

This tea is a combination of green and black teas, with flowers.

The tea, when steeped, becomes a sort of reddy brown colour. Each pot contains 125 g of the tea combination; use 10 g per steeping.

Certainly, it has an intriguing scent, which remains after several days of being open. The taste is interesting, sort of a mellower black tea, with hints of flowers. I don't know how I could ever find this again, but I will enjoy it as I still have some, another different tea in my varied collection.

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