Monday, March 29, 2010

Governor's Choice Dark Chocolate with Raisins, Hazelnuts and Almonds

We got this chocolate bar at Zeller's, it is Swiss chocolate imported for Hudson's Bay Company (of which Zeller's is a part). It features hazelnuts, my favourite, and almonds, my beautiful Bride's favourite, and is at 44% cacao content. The ingredient listing is not bad, sugar, chocolate liquor, dry raisins, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, almonds, butter oil (I guess to replace cocoa butter?!), soy lecithin and artificial flavours.

How did it taste? Not bad, though I found out after eating the whole bar, I was waiting at an airport, that it was expired. The nuts at least were still crunchy, though I was more aware of the almonds than the hazelnuts. It was under two dollars, and I doubt that I would buy it again.

Korean Gold Melon

We picked this up from the Galleria on Yonge Street, a fairly big and interesting Korean supermarket, they were sampling these. It was an interesting flavour, that I liked, so I selected and took one home. Korean Gold Melons, or Chamoe, Yellow Melon, Oriental Melon, Dua Gua or Chae Mae, as I have found out, are small yellow melons with narrow white stripes. The flesh is sweet white to pale peach. The seeds are small and can be eaten. It tastes, according to what I've read, like a cross between a honeydew melon and a cucumber, and, it does, the honeydew melon is more predominant, the cucumber is the crunchy mouthfeel of it, certainly mine looked like a cucumber would. Good tasting, if a little expensive.

President's Choice Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Another chocolate bar we got for Christmas, along with the Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts is Dark Chocolate with Almonds (of course, I wish they would switch the two). There is no indication of the cacao content, so it's likely to just meet the qualifications of being called Dark (> 50%). The ingredient listing is good, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, almonds, cocoa butter, canola lecithin and vanilla flavour.

How did it taste? It's a little better than the milk chocolate hazelnut one, the chocolate itself is quite hard, almost as crunchy as the large pieces of almonds. Overall, I still prefer the hazelnut version, despite it being milk, or at least I enjoy the hazelnuts, but this one isn't bad, the almonds are tasty and the chocolate was okay.