Thursday, July 09, 2009

President's Choice Blood Orange Italian Soda

I like blood oranges for a few years now, so I was intrigued by this new offering from President's Choice. Given that this is a soda, albeit an Italian soda, the ingredients are better than the average sugared drink, other than carbonated water, sugar and natural flavour, there is concentrated blood orange juice and black carrot juice (for colour). This tastes to me like one of those sugared orange sodas, that is to say, unremarkable and at the same time, pretty good; I guess they are trying to emulate those. I like the better ingredients, but the price, $2 for 750 mL, is too expensive to drink all the time. It does put me in mind to juice some blood oranges, when they are in season, and mix it with a little sprudel and maybe a sprinkle of sugar. With a little ice, it should be refreshing.

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