Sunday, July 12, 2009

Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips - Original

Another offering from Terra Chips is a medly of unusual or exotic chips, in that you don't find such in North America. The first of these comes from white and purple Taro root, popular in South-East Asia, and a root vegetable I've written about before. Next is the pale yellow-white Yuca or Cassava root, which I've enjoyed before in Venezuela, but not as a chip; I've have seen cassava chips in ethnic stores before, however. Last is the Batata or Cuban Sweet Potato, light brown in colour; I've seen this for sale in Chinese supermarkets. Alongside these exotics, is the more familiar Sweet Potato, which is a popular seller for Terra, and Parsnips, which are familar items for sale in supermarkets, but not so familiar as chips. Each of these chips is interesting on its own, and this offering allows you to taste a number of Terra's offerings. I like the sweet potato and the taro best, but the other ones were interesting as well.

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