Sunday, July 19, 2009

Golden Mountain Sriracha Panich

If you've seen this fiery Asian chili sauce in Asian supermarkets, and likely in North America the brand you've seen is the Huy Fong "Rooster" Sriracha sauce, the bottle in the picture shows the Golden Mountain version of the widely-regarded original version of Sriracha. Sriracha Panich (panich means "commercial" in Thai), now called Golden Mountain Sriracha Panich (I have mentioned Golden Mountain Seasoning Sauce as an ingredient in various recipes), was the first mass-marketed Thai-produced Sriricha. Sriracha is quite a hot sauce, and this particular bottle is labelled Strong (there are milder versions available, and some of the other companies which make sriricha sauce have expanded the flavour profile to include garlic, onion, lemon grass, sour, galanga and ginger versions). This particular bottle has 54% chili content (looking at the "Rooster" brand, it appears to have only 30% chili content). The other ingredients are sugar (20%), salt (8%), vinegar (7%), oil (8%) and water (3%). With those percentages, you could almost make your own! My beautiful Bride puts this on almost anything, to spice it up. I've heard that you can mix it with ketchup, to mellow out the sriracha and spice up the ketchup. It's likely, that if you feel intrigued to trying it, that you will find and try the "Rooster" brand first, but feel privileged if you try this, the original.

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Salem said...

So delicious! I used to mix it with ketchup while I lived in cambodia and it was so freaking good. I cannot find it in the states under the golden mountain brand. I like the milder version versus the hot.