Saturday, July 04, 2009

President's Choice Costa Rican Coffee

I have a love affair with Costa Rican coffee. Well, not so intense a love affair, as it's fairly hard to find coffee beans from the Central American country in most supermarkets. So, when I found that Loblaws had a line of ground coffee beans from various countries known for their coffee, including Colombia, Kenya and Costa Rica, I hoped I had a potential source for the coffee I prefer. There was a time when I thought it had disappeared, at one time they came in cans, and, for a little while, I couldn't find them anymore, but they reappeared one week in the bag form you see them as now. The beans have been medium roasted, and then fine ground. Costa Rican coffee are Arabica beans, the ones used for this product are grown high in the mountains, but there is no indication of which region in Costa Rica.

Is this the best Costa Rican coffee I've drunk. No. But that might have more to do with when they were roasted, and how long the package has been open, than whether the beans were really premium when they were picked. I like the flavour of the coffee when it is made, and, though I have had better Costa Rican coffee, made from fresh roasted and ground beans, that is something that I have not found a good source for.

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