Thursday, July 09, 2009

Terra Sweets and Beets

I have a liking for sweet potatoes, so when we saw this interesting crinkle-cut chips from Terra Chips, which also includes chips made from beets (which my beautiful Bride likes), we knew we had to try them. I was struck by how red the beets chips were when I opened the bag. There was definitely a higher ratio of sweet potato chips in the bag, but they are good, and apparently a popular seller, according to their website. I found the sweet potato chips to be very crunchy, they are thick cut, so could not say they are crispy. The beet chips were thinner, but no less crunchy. I liked how they managed to make them crunchy; from experience in making sweet potato fries, they tend to be soft when cooked in hot oil. Because they are natural chips, and "healthy" chips, they tend to be more expensive than potato chips, this bag was about $4.

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