Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nestle Kit Kat Dark 70% Cocoa

A couple of years ago, I tried Nestle's Kit Kat Dark, I found this better version in Walmart, better in the sense of the cacao content, at a minimum of 70%. It seems that Nestle is aiming for the "Dark Chocolate is good for you" market, there are a couple of sections on the wrapper: "Good to Know - KIT KAT Dark is made with 70% cocoa, making it a good source of magnesium and naturally occurring polyphenol antioxidants (365 mg per 45 g bar)"; and "Good to Remember - Your good health comes from a balanced diet, proper nutrition and physical activity". Well, that second one is maybe obvious, but it's similar to saying sugared cereals are a part of a good breakfast; what they fail to mention, is that eating the sugared cereal, or this 19 g sugar content per chocolate bar Kit Kat, does not automatically lead to the good benefits inherent in that statement.

How did it taste? I must confess, in my childhood, I liked Kit Kat bars, all we had back then was the milk chocolate variety. This one is fairly good, a decent for a candy bar chocolate. Now, if we can only get them to improve the inside...

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