Thursday, October 11, 2007

Schweinsöhrchen or Pig's Ears

They're called Schweinsöhrchen (pig's ears) in German, or Palmiers (palm leaves) in France, Butterflies in Thailand, these heart-shaped pastries are very popular. They often are dipped in chocolate, these are dipped in milk chocolate, though most of the time I have seen them, it is dark chocolate that is used (which is a better choice, otherwise it ends up being too sweet), or strewn with powdered sugar.

To make them, one uses a long slab of puff pastry, roll them up on both sides; when they meet in the middle, you slice them off and bake them. Simple and delicious.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I've had these many times in Germany, I couldn't get enough of them. When I came back to home (Michigan) I was so sad and I kept craving them. Now I think I shall try my hand at them. Pastry puff, you say? Does it matter which kind, or do you have something you'd recommend?

Mike said...

As far as I know, you take puff pastry that you can buy in the supermarket, lay the sheets on top of each other, then roll each of the long sides until the middle (they should meet). Then slice them with a knife and bake them as it says on the package. Dip them in chocolate after they are baked.