Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cadbury Caramilk Deluxe

I must say I was more intrigued by the 'extra' bit in this Caramilk chocolate bar, I'm not really a fan of this caramel and milk chocolate bar, nor do I think it's a great secret how they get the caramel in the chocolate bar. The rather long ingredient listing, which I won't duplicate, nor comment upon, is mostly sugar (okay, one comment). It was what they describe as 'dark creamy chocolatey filling' in the commercials and on the 'Net that intrigued me enough to try it once.

And, I would say, it tastes better than a regular Caramilk, the chewy dark chocolate in the centre is interesting. Not enough to buy another one, nor enough to ask Cadbury to make a bar without the signature caramel.

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