Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lindt Creation Chili

This new chocolate bar from Lindt, the second of three in this series (the third is orange), features a smooth truffle centre, with a cherry coulis accented with a hint of spicy chili. The dark chocolate is the famous smooth dark chocolate that Lindt is famous for, with 70% cacao content. The ingredient listing, unlike other chocolate bars from Lindt, is quite long, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, milk ingredients, almonds, cherry, pectin, concentrated cherry juice, hazelnuts, concentrated lemon juice, natural bourbon vanilla bean, soya lecithin, artificial flavour, carrot, grape, chokeberry and chili extract.

I must say I'm not a fan of these either. These too, felt like I was chewing marshmallow. The chili was sweet, not spicy at all (hint is more than correct, and, like most foods offered that are spicy, is not at all like you would spice them at home), which would have done wonders to the flavour; the chili, nor the cherry (I had to read the packaging later to realize that it was cherry flavoured), do not add anything to the smooth dark chocolate, it would have been better without them.

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