Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Numi Ginger Sun

What a name. Ginger Sun.

Makes me oh so want to drink this tea! And I oh so want this tea to taste really good.

This offering from Numi Tea features Fair Trade Certified organic Selim Hill Estate decaffeinated green tea, organic ginger and organic lemongrass. Normally I like full strength teas, and coffees, this should be interesting to taste, given the kick ginger normally gives. The decaffeination process is done through "Effervescence", using CO2, which does not extract the flavour or antioxidants of the green tea, which means it takes out the "bad" caffeine, and leaves the good stuff.

How does it taste? Well, not as gingery as I'd like, the colour of the tea however was quite amazing, a golden brown. The taste of the green tea was very subtle. Overall, not my favourite.

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