Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Restaurant Review - Chi's Congee & Noodle House

Around the corner from the Lion City restaurant that I reviewed earlier, in the same mall (1177 Central Parkway West, Unit 66), is Chi's Congee and Noodle House. Sort of non-descript on the outside, we chose this restaurant over another, based on the number of people in the restaurant. I know, perhaps not a great indicator, but there were certainly not only a larger number of people, but a much larger number of tables full in this restaurant. We elected to take out what we ordered. As the name of the restaurant might indicate to you, this restaurant features congee, the Chinese dish made with rice that can only be described as rice soup, at least by me. Slightly chunky and creamy, congee is easy on the digestion, and its flavour comes from the combination of ingredients, often meat or seafood or egg, or vegetables. Deep fried dough fritters goes well with congee, though we did not order any. We chose the sliced fish congee, not noticing the sweet corn and fish Super Bowl (which has little to do with the Football season-ending championship game) on the menu, also we ordered Deep Fried Wonton (with shrimp) and Fried Stuffed Bean Curd. All of these were fairly tasty, and we came back again to order some more another day, we'll keep it in mind for a good, and closer, place to buy congee.

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