Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Restaurant Review - Lion City Restaurant

My one-time Sri Lankan co-worker and friend told me about this restaurant in Mississauga called Lion City that he went to, he liked and recommended it to me for Asian food, but I had never been to it before now, not really liking to go to restaurants by myself, so I decided to bring my beautiful Thai Bride to check it out. Too, this Malaysian coworker, when I mentioned the restaurant, told me he knew of it, and thought that it was second only to his favourite, Restoran Malaysia. The cuisine offered at Lion City is a mixture of Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian. We met the charming chef and owner, Lilian Ow, on our second visit, on a Sunday. She is from Singapore, and her cooking expertise reflects this. She was interested that my Bride came from Thailand, and pointed out the many Thai dishes. She also brought out a sample of the Sambal paste to try.

We perused the many interesting selections in the menu on our first visit, we really did not know which of the many interesting dishes to choose from. This too happened the second and third of our visits, we ended up picking from every page, except for the Exotic Thailand page (though the Thai Grilled Chicken looked appetizing, and I will likely try it the next time we go there). There was Char Kway Teow, rice noodles fried with shrimps, Chinese sausage, egg, fish cake, beansprouts and chives; Mee Goreng, yellow noodle with chicken, egg, tofu, beansprouts, peas, potatoes, cabbage, onions and tomato; Nasi Goreng, Indonesian style fried rice with shrimps, chicken and egg; Fried Carrot Cake, a radish and rice cake, we had twice!; Popiah, thin crepes with vegetables and Chinese sausage; Laksa Lemak, rice vermicelli in spicy coconut gravy with chicken, shrimps, fish cake and beansprouts; Sambal Assam Fish, fish in hot tamarind gravy; Sayur Lodeh, spicy coconut gravy with cabbage, carrots, beanthread and tofu; and Durian milkshakes, quite tasty. There were chicken samosas and multi-coloured desserts for sale too, that we tried.

This is an interesting restaurant, that one can go to again and again, and always find something new.

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