Wednesday, October 10, 2007

8 Treasures Tea

I received another surprise at my recent Birthday from my sister and brother-in-law, he had brought this special tea from China, called Babaocha, or, literally, 8 Treasure Tea, so called because it has eight ingredients, one of them being tea (Jasmine is usually the favourite, but any kind of green tea can be used). There is usually also rock sugar as one of the ingredients. The remaining six ingredients vary, these could be sesame, wolfberry/goji, ginseng root, raisin, walnut, dried longan, dates, haw, red jujube, dried tangerine peel, dried lemon peel or various dried flowers or herbs. Because of the ingredients, this tea has health properties, it is said, variously, depending on which of the above ingredients are used, to promote energy, improve circulation, to replenish 'chi', to reduce cholesterol, aid blood circulation, strengthen the body's immune system, cool the body's system, tonify the liver, and/or generate blood. It's hard to tell, but this one contains dried longan, raisin, dates, wolfberry, chrysanthemum and apricot, along with the rock sugar and green tea. To drink, just steep, using not quite boiling water (80 to 90C).

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Anonymous said...

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