Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thai Frozen Banana Cake

This is a traditional Thai dessert found in local markets, my beautiful Thai Bride remembers enjoying them since Primary School. They are prepared fresh, usually steamed, and are not found frozen like this; this product is likely only for the export market, we found it at a Chinese supermarket. Why have it frozen when you can have it fresh? Too, they are not sold in restaurants, only at certain local markets.

Inside the package are two wrapped banana leaves tied together, four in total.

The ingredients are glutinous rice (60%), banana (25%), coconut milk (13%) and sugar (2%).

The bananas used are not the ones found in North American supermarkets, they are smaller and have more flavour. Definitely quite delicious.


Anonymous said...

I just bought one of these frozen banana cakes from a Chiense supermarket... Can you tell me how to prepare it? Do I just boil it?? Thanks...

Mike said...

We steam them for a few minutes, wrapped up like they are.

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