Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cookbook Review - Cooking With Asterix

I grew up liking the cartoons of Goscinny and Uderzo about the adventures of a tiny band of Gauls, the heroes are called Asterix and Obelix, who successfully defended themselves against the advances of Julius Caesar of Rome, with the help of a magic potion that gave them unusual strength; if you haven't heard of them, and want a great laugh, check them out.

One of the many tie-in products for the 33 cartoon books, and several movies, is the 1991 cookbook Cooking With Asterix. There are four main sections, Snacks and Starters, Main Courses, Sweets and Beverages, each of them contain recipes that feature a character or characters from the series, like Unhygeniex' Crispy Sardine Sandwiches (the Village fishmonger); Impedimenta's Chicken Drumsticks (the wife of the Chief of the Village); Dogmatix Hot Dogs (Asterix and Obelix' pet guard dog); Pirate's Dark Chocolate Mousse (who recurringly lost ships to the pair); Cleopatra's Exotic Gateau (Asterix and Obelix went on many adventures around the world, one of them they visited Cleopatra). All of the recipes are easy to make with easy to find ingredients, though they use the European measurement of a 'glass' (which equals 200 mL).

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