Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dede Instant Thai Coffee Drink

You might wonder why I am interested in this coffee drink, seeing as I like my coffee black and the beans from Costa Rica, I must say that the only reason I tried this, is that my beautiful Thai Bride recommended it (well, actually, she recommended the Tea version, but I prefer coffee to black tea).

Ka Fae Yen, or Instant Thai Coffee Drink, comes from Thailand, I found it in several Chinese supermarkets. The ingredient listing is very short, just non-dairy creamer (48%), sugar (27%) and coffee powder (25%). You can drink it hot or cold, just add 200 mL of hot water to the contents of the package.

How does it taste? Not bad, though I don't think it will replace a good cup of Costa Rican coffee prepared slowly, it does make for a quick cup of coffee on those mornings that I need a little jolt to wake me.

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