Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Trio of Blueberry Jams

My sister and her husband were in Quebec City for four days, on a trip they won at a Chamber of Commerce event, boy, they are lucky. My sister had asked me whether there was something that I wanted them to bring back as a gift. Now, knowing Quebec is known for its maple syrup, and not really liking maple syrup that much, except on pancakes, I opted for another thing that province is known for, wild blueberries. I was pleasantly surprised, I had actually forgot about it, and I had not been down to see them for three weeks, when they gifted me with this intriguing trio of wild blueberry jams, made with blueberries from the Lac St-Jean region of Quebec, known especially for its crop of that delectable fruit. Blueberries are my favourite fruit, it's only the wild variety for me, too, I find the commercial larger cousin too sour, if it's not tasteless. One of the trio of jams is just straight blueberry; another is flavoured with lemon; the third flavoured with orange. It should be interesting to compare and contrast the flavours, and see what works.

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