Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mutton Hot Pot for Home

If this was served in a restaurant, the broth would be prepared and brought to the table, and people would dip the really thin slices of mutton in the broth; after a minute or two it would be cooked. The mutton is then dipped in individual dishes of the hot pot seasoning sauce. The rich and nutritious broth, cooked with any number of vegetables or mushrooms or roots such as potatoes or lotus, would be then enjoyed by all. This is a little different, when you don't have the proper setup to keep the hot pot as hot as it needs. It ends up being as tasty and flavourful, though I imagine that the experience of eating hot pot lends to the flavour as well. The enoki mushrooms are white, long and thin, with a small bulb at the end, and grow in a bunch. They can be found in most Asian markets and are quite tasty.

Mutton Hot Pot for Home
1 Kg Mutton or lamb shoulder, sliced very thin
2-1/2" piece gingerroot, peeled and sliced very thinly lengthwise into slivers
hot pot seasoning sauce
1 bunch enoki mushrooms
4 cups water for boiling

Place ginger in water and bring to boil. Add lamb slices and bring to boil again. Remove lamb from water and drizzle with hot pot sauce. Clean and add enoki mushrooms to reserved water and cook for 1-2 minutes. Remove mushrooms from water and serve with lamb. Broth may be drunk as well, if desired.

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