Monday, October 30, 2006

Cookie Press

I bought this cookie press, it's made by the Swiss company Kuhn Rikon, specifically to make this particular hazelnut cookie, which I'm planning on making in the next week or so. I like that the tube of this press is stainless steel, it seems a little more sturdy than the plastic ones I've seen. The whole unit comes apart for fairly easy cleaning, and the unit is fairly easy to switch pattern discs. The concept of a cookie press, is to have a disc at the bottom of a tube filled with dough, pressing the top forces the dough through the pattern, making a cookie of a certain shape. There are many different shapes included with the press, wreathes, pumpkins, christmas trees and differently shaped stars, I haven't used them all. There is also the ability to fill the tube with icing and have a tip at the end in order to pipe icing onto cakes.

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