Saturday, October 07, 2006

A plethora of Cookbooks

One of the weekends I didn't go and visit my family, I stayed in order to go to Word on the Street in downtown Toronto, at Queen's Park. This yearly event in September, hosted in several cities across Canada, brings together Publishers, both small and large of books and magazines, authors, potential authors, readers and just plain fans of the written word. One of the things that goes on at that time, is the publishers and bookstores usually bring down a lot of books, on sale for low prices, sometimes ridiculously low prices. That's what I like to check out mostly, and this year, indulging the foodie in me, I picked up several interesting cookbooks. The Cordon Bleu one was four dollars, the Nigella Lawson one was half-price, even at hard-cover, the others looked intriguing. I never realized that these books were heavy though, I did manage to lug them home without too much strain on my muscles.

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