Saturday, October 07, 2006

The first of my new gadgets

I bought two things last weekend from the Shopping Channel, the first of these is this panini grill from the renowned chef Wolfgang Puck. I had been searching for a way to grill meat, and sandwiches, in my condo, I don't like frying things really, the flavour of a burger or chicken is vastly different grilled than fried, far better in my opinion. This is one of the appliances that Wolfgang Puck has for sale in his Bistro Collection. It comes too with a bunch of recipes that should be interesting to try out and tweak to my tastes. Too, what I like about this, is that it grills from both sides, so it's quick to grill almost anything. You can usually have something cooked and ready to eat in a little over 12 minutes. Couple this with the other gadget I bought this week, which I will talk about later, I should not be lacking for things to eat.

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