Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Banning of trans fats in New York City

Imagine how a McD's cheeseburger would taste different, if limited to the small amount of trans fats that all restaurants in New York City would be. It seems that the year-long education of New Yorkers about the dangers of trans fats didn't work, so they've come up with the idea of limiting the amount of trans fats in all foods served in all restaurants. They say that it wouldn't cost the restaurants any more, the replacement oils cost the same, but I couldn't see how fast food chains would change their menu and recipes to create a New York version of their offerings. It's not so easy replacing trans fats with other healthier fats, it changes the texture and mouthfeel, as well as changing how it cooks or bakes. So saying, I think it's a good thing, I've never been one for these solid fats, never used margarine, always thought butter was better. Too, it'll be interesting how it will affect other cities if this does go into effect, and how it will change the eating habits and health of the New Yorkers themselves.

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