Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WaterBridge Belgian Extra Dark

I've seen these at Walmart for sale, and thought to buy this new version of their large Belgian chocolate bars (400 g). I have tried both their Dark and Hazelnut ones, both of which were not bad. This is the Extra Dark version, at 72% cacao content. The ingredient listing looks good, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder and soy lecithin.

How did it taste? Pretty good, not too chalky, snaps well and smells a little fruity; it leaves a good aftertaste. The bar itself is quite large, and each individual piece is also thick and large (so beware, if you want to bite through two pieces). I think this is a pleasant bar that could be enjoyed now and again. So saying, I admit that it stayed in my cupboard a little longer than I would other pieces, mostly because it is very large, but then there are so many different chocolate bars to try!

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