Monday, December 14, 2009

Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Pressé

As I have said before, I like the taste of elderflower, and was excited to see this for sale, it's normally about $7 per bottle at health food stores. Pressé is a gentle carbonated slightly sweetened beverage, similar in concept to pop, but better (no added colours, flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives) - which is why they assert that this is 100% good; they also sell a cordial form, which is a concentrated version, which you then dilute with your own still or sparkling water. Belvoir Fruit Farms is a British Farm that grows most of their own raw materials; they use their own spring water in this. Belvoir has a number of different flavours available with different fruit and flower combinations. How did this taste? Well, good, refreshing, with great elderflower flavour. I'd drink something like this on a regular basis, certainly I'm interested in the cordial version of elderflower, if it was more easily available and less expensive. It also tugs at the idea in the back of my mind, that I'd like to make my own.

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