Thursday, December 31, 2009

Elevate Me! Cocoa Coconut Cluster

This protein and fruit energy bar from PROSnack Natural Foods Inc. I've seen in several health food stores, at various prices (and I bought this one on sale at one place, and later found it at regular price for less at another - go figure), and it intrigued me, because of the combination of cacao and coconut. The bar contains 16 g protein (which it gets from whey protein isolate), 6 g of fiber and is a raw bar (not baked). The ingredient listing is as follows, whey protein isolate, dates, raisins (Organic), apples, cranberries (cranberries, cane sugar and sunflower oil), almonds, coconut (Organic) and cacao (Fair Trade and Organic).

How does it taste? I was pleased to see that, despite the two featured ingredients were also at the bottom of the list, the bar did taste of both, and less like the dates. There are 3 pieces in the bar. I would say, that if I was interested in increasing the amount of protein in my diet, and I wanted to pay the premium price for these kinds of bars, that this would be a good one.

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