Monday, December 28, 2009

Lindt Caffarel

These were the latest batch of interesting, and made with hazelnuts, individual chocolates from Lindt.

This Caffarel is an authentic Gianduja in the style of Torino. It appears to be a milk chocolate hazelnut. Quite tasty.

This Caffarel is called Antica Ricetta; it is a Gianduia, and appears to be dark chocolate. Also quite tasty.

This Caffarel is a Nocciolotto, which is a chocolate Gianduia, milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts. Also tasty.


Cristina said...

Is there any way I can order these if I live in Calgary?? cant find them anywhere! thanks!

Mike said...

There are a couple of Lindt Outlet Stores in B.C., one in Vancouver, one in New Westminster, you could call them.