Thursday, December 31, 2009

Irresistibles Le Suisse Dark

Here what we have is very much an attempt at a Toblerone bar, save the pyramid shape (it is wedge-shaped) and its price ($1.29 vs $2.29). These are also made in Switzerland (le Suisse) and are dark chocolate (there are also a milk chocolate version), though it looks like the Toblerone bar has a higher cacao content (in this one, sugar is the first ingredient; in the Toblerone, unsweetened chocolate is - though there is no indication of cacao content in either). The ingredient listing otherwise looks okay, sugar, chocolate liquor, cocao butter, honey, almonds, soy lecithin, dried egg-white and natural flavour (both have honey, though the Toblerone looks to use more sugar than honey).

How does it taste? Well, good, but if you are a Toblerone fan, this one won't win you away. And it didn't win me away either.

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