Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BottleGreen Elderflower Cordial

The normal elderflower drink I go to often, and enjoy very much, it's for sale at a lot of supermarkets, is by BottleGreen in the UK. We normally drink the Pressé form; this is the Cordial, or concentrated, form. Add sparkling or still water to the cordial, and you get the Pressé. This 500 mL bottle makes 6.5 L of elderflower drink. I find the Pressé version better tasting, perhaps it's the water I have diluted it; too, I found I like it sparkling, rather than still (which tastes to me like just sugar in water; somehow the bubbles add flavour). This is definitely cheaper than the Belvoir one. BottleGreen has a wide range of flavours, only some of which are available here in Canada (for example, they have a Russet Apple and Blackberry Cordial that I definitely would like to try, being a fan of russets - they also have two more in that range, Cox's apple and Plum and William's Pear and Elderflower, both of which also sound interesting). Tasting the cordial straight, it is a more intense elderflower flavour, quite good.

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