Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crofter's Organic Pomegranate Jelly

I'm not really a fan of jelly, I'm a jam fellow, but I am starting to enjoy pomegranates, not only for their flavour, but also for their healthfulness; they are high in antioxidants. So saying, it'd be hard to create a jam out of pomegranates, they're mostly seed with a little bit of juicy flesh around them; better a jelly. The ingredient listing looks good, pomegranate juice from concentrate, golden sugar, pomegranate juice, fruit pectin and citric acid.

How did it taste? Well, I'm still a jam fellow, I would say, this hasn't convinced me to join the jelly supporters, and the pomegranate is not as flavourful or tasty as eating the raw fruit. But, it's still a good spread that I could enjoy occasionally.

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