Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vivani Organic Dark Lemon

It was a while ago that I tried two of the German chocolatier Vivani's bars, I thought their Green Tea was interesting, but their Ecuador one failed, but I thought this one was interesting enough to give it another shot (or perhaps it was long enough for me not to really remember what they tasted like, my beautiful Bride was "my beautiful Thai friend" then - beautiful then, beautiful now), it contains lemon, one of my favourite flavours. Certainly the ingredient listing looks good, at 70% cacao content, cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter and lemon essential oil (all certified organic in Germany); they make a point of stating no soy lecithin - I at least applaud their effort to not use it nor vanilla flavour (real or not).

How did it taste? The lemon flavour was not strong on opening the packaging, one had to get ones nose right up close to smell it. The chocolate snaps good, and does not suffer from bad tempering (and perhaps that Ecuador one was just a 'lemon'). The chocolate melts fairly well in the mouth, and the lemon oil is fairly dominant in the flavour, there is an underlying bitterness coming from the lemon oil (different than the bitterness of chocolate), that may turn people off (and did me a little, but my beautiful Bride didn't get the lemony flavour, until I told her) - though it is better if you chew it rather than let it melt in your mouth (and thus not activate your 'bitter' tastebuds). Overall, it was a good bar, but not a great bar, and I don't think that I will buy this again.

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