Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lindt De Luxe Dark Collection

I bought this the other day at the Lindt Outlet store, likely because it was on sale, and it is dark chocolate, normally I don't like filled chocolates (okay, some exceptions).

Here's the box opened up, all the chocolates revealed. Looks interesting so far, but I must confess, I spilled the contents, and I guessed as to how they should fit, so it might not reflect the actual layout.

The Lune d'Oranges is filled with orange marzipan with a hint of orange liqueur, covered in dark chocolate. This one was not so orangey, not bad tasting.

The Pistachette is filled with pistachio marzipan, covered in dark chocolate and topped with a whole glazed pistachios. Pretty good, my favourite of the two marzipans, I like pistachio, though this does not have a strong pistachio flavour.

The Caramelita is filled with caramel cream filling topped with creamy caramel and coated in dark chocolate. This one was very sweet, though not bad.

The Dragon Classique (I like the name), is filled with marc de champagne truffle filling enrobed in milk chocolate and topped with the Lindt dragon in dark chocolate. Marc de champagne is still not my favourite. Not bad.

Serenade is filled with orangey-caramel and enrobed in fine dark chocolate. This was too sweet, and more orangey than the Lune d'Oranges.

The Stracciatella is filled with white chocolate filling with pieces of milk chocolate and cookie chunks and enrobed in dark chocolate. This was good, though a little sweet.

The Noccino was my favourite. It is filled with caramelized walnut pieces in a velvety hazelnut cream, covered in dark chocolate. Good tasting.

The Cornet Excellence is filled with a bittersweet truffle and enrobed in fine bitter dark chocolate. This was not bad, though it had kind of a liqueur taste to it, that ruined it for me, and I don't know where it came from.

The last of the dark chocolates is the Amaretti, which is filled with amaretti filling (marzipan) in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy, crushed amaretti crumbs. Not bad.

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