Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SwissMar Fresh Bag

Fresh bread is wonderful. The smell of it. The feel of it. The taste of it. Go to your favourite bakery, and pick up a loaf, or two, made with whole grains and little or no preservatives, bring them home, spread with a little home-made jam, and enjoy.

Well, at least for a day or two. Because, with no preservatives, and sitting on your counter, it will soon be a stiff block (from which you can make bread crumbs or croutons, or feed the birds) and you feel like you wasted most of that wonderful bread.

SwissMar's Fresh Bag aims to prevent that kind of disappointment, it purports to keep things fresher longer, including potatoes, onions and apples. Designed with a cotton outer sleeve surrounding a specially perforated, naturally breathing inner poly lining, this creates an atmosphere which preserves your food.

Or, so it claims. For our first test, we took a loaf of Honey Wheat from Panera, a loaf that had gone rock hard on us less than two weeks ago. Well, it did as advertised, and has kept it "fresh" for 4 days. I know, eat if quicker, but when there's so many different foods to try and enjoy! Of course, it likely won't keep mould from growing, at least eventually. But, at least you have a little more time to enjoy that loaf of bread.

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