Sunday, March 01, 2009

Restaurant Review - Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen

I read in the latest Eye Weekly about Jean Seow, the owner of Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen, she is one of several Chefs in Toronto that they admire, and I want to add my second to that (or thousandth to that...). Her restaurant is located on the Danforth near Greenwood (on the north side and east of Greenwood), and is all vegetarian, yet she serves mock-meat (made from soy) dishes that are almost as good as the thing it replaces. Certainly the dishes are Thai and Malaysian, in flavour and style, and my beautiful Bride and I went there, because it serves Thai food, and because it serves vegetarian dishes, and because it serves delicious food.

We've only been there a few times, (it is too far for us to travel from our end of the city - but well worth the trip), and had occasion to try some of their offerings. We've tried their Crispy Spring Rolls, which were good; their Mango Salad, fresh and tasty; Malaysian Curry, my beautiful Bride enjoyed it; Mee Siam, which I enjoyed; Garlic Mustard Greens, very tasty; and their Honey Lemonade, interesting and tasty. I don't recall any dish not being at least good, and there are a lot of dishes that I have not had the opportunity to try but wanted to.

As I've said, Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen is a little far for us to go, but it's easy to get to if you are in Toronto, take the TTC Subway to Greenwood station on the Bloor-Danforth line, from there it's a short walk. There's also lots to check out on the Danforth, a lively part of Toronto.

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