Monday, March 02, 2009

Thai Grilled Sticky Rice Dessert - Banana and Taro

Straight from the streets of Thailand (we weren't in Thailand, we got it delivered via a relative of my beautiful Bride) comes this loved dessert, grilled sticky rice dessert, with banana and with taro. They were quite tasty, and I don't know that we can get them here in Canada, certainly not this way. This is likely sold in the streets in front of a restaurant, as an extra service of the restaurant.

This is the styrofoam container from the shop. I like how you can get delivery - English speaking people can only get delivery? I wonder if they deliver to Canada?! (This is from Bangkok, so call them yourselves!)

Once the sticky rice is packed around the banana or taro, it is wrapped with banana leaves, secured with small toothpicks, then grilled. Until it's burned, I guess.

Opening the banana leaves reveals the cooked sticky rice.

This one has taro inside.

This one has banana inside.

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