Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fresh Vietnamese-Style Spring Rolls

This is what I would call a Vietnamese sandwich, you take what you have on hand, cut it up into small pieces, and assemble your Spring Roll. We understand this is not a traditional recipe, but it has Vietnamese flavours. Vietnamese ham is mostly flour and pork, but still tasty. Sawtooth coriander has long broad leaves. The rice paper wrappers we use are from Vietnam, are square (you can get round ones), and are called Banh Trang.

Fresh Vietnamese-Style Spring Rolls
rice paper wrappers
lettuce leaves, washed
coriander leaves, washed
sawtooth coriander, washed
mint leaves, washed
avocado, peeled and sliced
field cucumbers, washed and sliced
fried puffy tofu, sliced
Vietnamese ham, sliced
roast chicken, sliced

To soften the rice paper wrapper, fill a large bowl with warm water; dunk in the rice paper wrapper and let it soften for about a minute; you'll have to first dunk one edge, then another - as the rice paper softens, you can eventually put it all into the water.

Lay the wrapper carefully on your plate. Place a lettuce leaf on the wrapper. Put some Vietnamese ham, some chicken, some tofu, cucumber, a few coriander, sawtooth coriander and mint leaves and an avocado slice (or any combination of these) on the lettuce leaf and fold up, enclosing the filling in a neat little roll (to do this, fold the edge closest to you, then the two sides, then roll away from you).

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