Sunday, August 23, 2009

Herbaria Linden Flowers Tea

I grew up with a Linden tree in my backyard, for years it flowered in July, filling the area with the wonderful scent that I've grown more to appreciate in the past few years. Certainly, there are several linden trees growing where I live now, even some right outside my condo. But, little did I realize that the linden flowers could be useful in other ways, many ways. Linden flowers, called lime-flower in Britain, can be used to make honey; they can be also used to make perfume; they have medicinal properties, and can be used to treat restlessness, hysteria, and headaches; they can be eaten raw; lastly, they can be used to make herbal tea. Linden Flowers tea is very popular in Europe. Herbaria has been growing plants, what they call wild-crafting, for herbal teas for 60 years in Hungary. This is a herbal tea and, as such, is caffeine-free. Certainly, it is good tasting, a pleasant flavour that, though it didn't evoke the smell of linden flowers that I so enjoy, certainly might now that I can associate the two. Sipping this tea while sitting under a flowering linden tree just might be a very enjoyable pastime.

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