Friday, August 07, 2009

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Quatro

I find the name of these mini egg chocolates from the Belgian chocolatier Guylian very odd. Given that quatro is Latin for four, there are only three flavours of mini eggs (White Chocolate Rice Crisp; Milk Chocolate Orange; and Dark Chocolate Truffle). Perhaps it's meant to mean something else, or they just like the name. Or, maybe there is a missing fourth flavour!!

The cacao content of these mini eggs are as follows: white chocolate 27%; milk chocolate 34% and dark chocolate 53%. The ingredient listing is long, mostly sugar and vegetable fat, with cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, rice flour, wheat gluten, malt, natural flavouring, maltodextrin, concentrated lemon and orange juice, soya lecithin as an emulsifier, vanillin, salt and citric acid.

I liked the dark chocolate truffle the best, though I found the chocolate to taste a little plastic-y, like it was American. The milk chocolate orange was okay, though the orange was different than other chocolate-orange combinations I had tasted before, perhaps because of the lemon concentrate. The white chocolate rice crisp was my least favourite, the crisps were too crunchy, rather than crispy. I know Guylian from their good-tastng seashell chocolates you can find in most stores at Christmastime, I don't think that this is a good alternative to those.

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