Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hardbite Potato Chips - Wild Onion and Yogurt

Hardbite is a new line of artisan potato chips from a Canadian company, from British Columbia, Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd.. They are artisan as they are handmade, kettle cooked in small batches, this bag was created by Christina. The other interesting feature, is that they use Himalayan crystal salt; I have a Himalayan crystal salt lamp, but have never really seen salt products for eating. This one is wild onion and yogurt flavour, there is natural yogurt powder and sour cream powder among the ingredients; the onion comes in the form of onion powder. I also noticed there is a fair bit of cane sugar, but the chips do taste very salty. This is a premium product, we got it for $2 for the 150 g bag, but it could easily sell for $3 or even more in places. They were tasty chips, with good flavour, and I like the kettle cooked chip, but I think I would only buy these again on sale.

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