Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Feodora Grand'Or Chili-Limone

The German chocolatier Feodora Chocolade, making chocolate since 1910, gets its name from the sister of the last German Empress, Princess Feodora, an afficianado with a selective taste, who allowed her name and signature to be used to market this chocolate. This is a dark chocolate bar with flavourings added, and has a cocoa content of 75%. The ingredient listing looks good, cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, natural chili flavouring, citric acid, natural lime flavouring and Bourbon vanilla.

How does it taste? The first thing that hit me, was how it smelled lemony, and not the lemony of cleaners, a good lemon. The bar snaps well and looks very dark. It melts well in the mouth, and tastes like lemon, though some of it likely comes from the citric acid (as a lot of "sour" candies use). The chili flavour was not strong, though still there; the lemon flavour was stronger. But, then, it's only chili flavouring, not actual chili spice (or maybe it is, it's not clear). I found this in a German delicatessen, and, if I could get back to it, I think that I would buy another.

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