Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ginger People Ginger Beer

I like ginger, a lot, and have it in lots of ways, and The Ginger People make a number of products that, naturally, contain ginger in various forms. This drink, that I had never seen before but found in a European delicatessen of all places, uses natural ginger juice to create ginger beer, and you can see that there is a cloudy aspect to the liquid, as well as some ginger pulp on the bottom. Ginger gives you strength and vigour, and, as legend has it, give power even over tigers, making them as gentle to ride as a horse. I can see too, that it won an award as the Most Astounding Beverage.

Well, this does not taste like any ginger beer I've ever drunk. Certainly, it is gingery, and tastes fairly good, but it isn't close to being a good ginger beer, let alone an outstanding one. If you like ginger, give it a try, but, if you like ginger beer, and are looking for a better alternative, knock on another door.

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