Friday, February 27, 2009

Nobel Super Lemon Candy

Wow. All I can say is, Wow! Putting this in your mouth, you get this blast of lip-puckering lemon-y wonder. Sour! Awesome! Tastes like eating a fresh lemon. Much better than those "sour candies" that aren't that sour.

I tried this, because my beautiful Bride told me that she used to like this when she was a girl. I'm glad she did! In Thailand, you could buy them individually, for less than a penny, or in bags. They are made by the Japanese company Nobel.

After the initial 45 seconds, when the outer layer is consumed, you get a nice tasting not-so-sour lemon candy. But, oh, those first 45 seconds!

And, in the inner core, there is an even lemony-er section, quite good too.

Of course, being a candy, this is mostly about sugar, but it does contain lemon juice, with citric acid for extra sourness. Odd, they use turmeric for colour, actually it's better than artificial colour; if you have ever used turmeric, it does stain everything yellow.

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