Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nestle Kit Kat Senses

Putting hazelnut in something and count me in is not quite true, but it will certainly intrigue me. This new take on Kit Kat bars, which I also like, but find more and more that they are very sweet, adds hazelnut cream to the mix. There's a claim of only 170 calories in this small (31 g) bar; that seems like a lot. The ingredient listing is not great, but pretty similar to most chocolate bars these days, sugar, cocoa butter, modified milk ingredients, wheat flour, cocoa mass, modified palm and vegetable oils, hazelnuts, soya lecithin, salt, sodium bicarbonate and artificial flavour.

How does it taste? Adding hazelnut cream doesn't make a good bar better, in this case I would say it might make it worse. Certainly it's as sweet as I remember regular Kit Kat bars are, the hazelnut cream is more creamier than hazelnut-y, but not bad, at least I can taste the hazelnut. Overall, too sweet for my tastes.

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