Sunday, February 08, 2009

Crofter's Organic Strawberry Premium Spread

Having tried their more unusual product, Blood Orange Spread, this one is more conventional. Again, this spread has 1/3 less sugar as commercial jam, and its ingredient listing looks good, organic strawberries, organic golden sugar (made from cane sugar), natural fruit pectin, ascorbic acid and citric acid.

How does it taste? Not as sweet as commercial jams, certainly, but still good, with lots of fruit throughout (you can see I've already consumed a fair bit).


Cambree said...

Have you heard of Margie's fruit spread? They don't put "high fructose syrup" in it. They have all these tropical fruit flavors, from guava to mango. I've tried the guava and love it!


Mike said...

I have not. I'll keep my eye out for it, but it may be that we don't get it in Canada. Thanks.