Monday, February 23, 2009

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate with Whole Cherries

I find this bar tastes very sour, sour enough that I wonder if they use sour (tart) cherries (the dried cherries I have in my pantry are dark red and tart too, and not dried sour cherries, but these seem even tarter). The cherries don't look like sour cherries, at least they are dark red (like bing cherries) rather than the medium red of sour cherries. Again, I say, very sour, very tart. So, saying, behind Green & Black's Ginger, this is my second favourite bar. A close second. The ingredient listing looks good, organic cocoa mass, organic raw cane sugar, organic cherries (20%) (organic dried cherries, organic sunflower oil), organic cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, organic vanilla extract and organic whole milk powder (present because of cross-contamination with their milk chocolate bar, made on the same line). The cacao content is at 60%.

How does it taste? As I said, quite sour, quite tart (sharp is the word they use on their website, perhaps it has a better meaning than sour, but I mean the sourness of lemons and limes and sour cherries, all of which I like - but, okay, I wouldn't quibble with calling it sharp). The dark chocolate is of course good, though doesn't snap quite so well, and pairs well with the cherries (I've liked the combination before, and will again, I'm sure). It is the cherries that are the good part of the bar, they smell wonderful, and I'm glad there are quite a few in the chocolate; it's hard even to break apart pieces, the cherries stick to the chocolate. I would definitely buy this bar again.

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