Monday, February 09, 2009

Restaurant Review - Masamune Japanese Restaurant

We decided to try this Japanese restaurant we googled one weekend, it's located at 5200 Dixie Road in Mississauga, south of Matheson, on the west side of Dixie, in a strip mall in the end unit. Masamume Japanese Restaurant has from my first impression quaint Japanese decor when we entered (we were the only customers), and, as we found out, like a lot of Japanese restaurants, it's either owned or run by Koreans, there are quite a few menu items that are Korean. We arrived too late for lunch (a direct result of having a time-stealing baby), so we were prepared to pay the much higher prices that are associated with most Japanese restaurants for their dinner menu. We didn't order any sushi items, so we have no opinion on that, other than another two came later to order sushi takeaway (the only other customers we saw), and what we did order was a bit from the Japanese menu, and a bit from the Korean menu. For appetizers, we ordered the Shrimp Tempura, which also comes with vegetables in tempura batter, with sweet ginger sauce (which we both liked); Korean gyoza, which have a mixture of beef and pork meat within (which I really liked, and would order again); and Wakame salad (which did not impress us in the least). For the main dish, my beautiful Bride ordered Seng Sun Chi Gae from the Korean dishes, which is a mildly spicy clear fish stew with vegetables and tofu in a daikon radish broth (you had a choice of three kinds of fish, she picked whiting fish, which she didn't care for; there was also cod (probably a better choice) and another fish). I also ordered from the Korean dishes, mine was Pork Dup Bap, which is stir-fried pork and vegetables in a spicy sauce over rice, which I enjoyed. Overall, I think there was enough here that we liked, that we would want to go again. I do think that this restaurant suffers from its location, it's kind of hidden (the strip mall is below street level; there were also high snow banks), but it's worth checking it out.

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