Sunday, March 23, 2008

Valor Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts

I have tried several of this Spanish company's offerings, Chocolates Valor, S.A., and have liked most of them, I was intrigued by this bar, because it was dark chocolate, it contained whole hazelnuts, and it was so big (250 g) (which cost $7). The ingredient listing leads me to believe that it meets the requirements of being dark chocolate (ie. has more than 49% cacao, but not much more), but otherwise looks good, sugar, chocolate processed with alkali, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, soya lecithin (as an emulsifier) and vanillin (artificial vanilla).

How did it taste? Despite my expectations, it tasted like a dark milk chocolate, "sweet dark chocolate" is how I would describe it. I liked the crunchy whole hazelnuts, which worked well with the chocolate. Overall, I would rate this in the middle of the pack, I would eat it over other bars, but if I had better bars in the house, then not.

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